A good experience, but a sad one at the same time. Marvel came to me because of my work on The Destroyer. That was martial arts, this was martial arts...should have been a good fit, right? This was a good example of a no-win scenario. In retrospect I probably tried too hard to please Marvel, but that's what you do. You don't march into your new employer's office and tell them, "Okay, this is what I'll be doing, or else..." One thing I would've liked to have done was make the title character whatever age he would have been in real life. Even though he's been around for thirty years he's still sort of vaguely in his twenties. I wanted to make him something like fifty. But comic characters remain a certain age and rarely leave that ageless bubble, so that was that for that idea. So I gave Marvel what I thought they wanted, I was mostly pleased, they were pleased enough to move ahead on the project, and I hoped that I could inject more of my style into the second story arc. But sales were crap and we ended at one. A shame. But they were nice people to work for, and writing a comic wasn't something I'd ever expected to do, so it was still a good experience. Plus I was -- very briefly -- very cool to one of my nephews.

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